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1964 Chevrolet El Camino | Sherwood Dodge | Edmonton, AB

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Hi, I’m Keith Bedard, one of the managers here at Sherwood Park Dodge. One of the reasons I got into the car business is because I actually love cars so much. One of my private hobbies at home is actually dealing with muscle cars and antique cars. We happen to do a couple of them here!

Come on and I’ll show you this one. This is a 1964 El Camino. It’s been totally restored, it had a frame-off restoration. Honestly the paint is about 80/90% ninety percent. This car is a really, really good driver. I actually had a chance to take this car out and do a shakedown on it. All the muscle cars and antique cars and exotic cars that come in here I take them myself personally. Both arrive make sure that they don’t overheat, that they steer good, drive good, this one here is probably one of the nicest driving old muscle cars that I have ever driven. It shifts really well, doesn’t heat up, steers really good, it is really reliable. Just get in it, turn the key and go!

I’m going to bring it in a little closer here just to show you. This particular car has a ZZ4 crate motor by Chevrolet that was installed by the person that restored this car. The person that restored this car spent way over $60,000 on this car so the value on this car is incredible. We’ll get into that later!

So the ZZ4 crate motor, it’s got about 1,900 kilometres on it, about 350 horsepower, it’s made it to 350 auto transmission, turbo 350. It’s got a bit of a shift kit in it so you get a little bit of a firm shift but it shifts really nice. The transmission was built to hold about 650 horsepower, which it really doesn’t need that but the guy was a mechanic and built it anyway.

If you walk around this side here, I will show you it’s got the original style wheels on it. It hasn’t really been highly modified other than the engine and the power plan. Now it has power windows, power steering and it has, if you can come in here and just have a quick peek on the inside. It even sports the original dash, gauges, stereo and it even has the original owners manual in the glove box. It has been done to kind of a nice seventies theme with the colour match seeds and the little cueball on there. Once again just a really good driving car. All the rubbers, all the stainless has been repolished.

If you come around to the back here hopefully you can get a view of that. It’s been done with an in box liner in the back so you can still throw some stuff in it or take a dirt bike and still have fun, take it to the local car shows. As you can see the bumper and the chrome have been all redone on the car. You’d have to come down to have a look underneath it but it is just spotless, you could eat off the bottom.

Great driver, lots of fun, no headaches. Just turn the key and go! Come and see me, Keith Bedard. My cell number is 780 953 7906. Also we take muscle cars on trade, so if you had something that you kind of want to move up to this or a project that is almost done, let me know I’ll be able to work that in for you. Thank you and have a great day!

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