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1964 Chevy El Camino Walk-Around | Sherwood Dodge | Edmonton, AB

Hi, Keith Bedard again. Sherwood Dodge Performance Center. I’d like to show you this lovely new car, the 1964 El Camino. We’ve had this car for a little bit now.

This car, I’m telling you, I’ve driven this car myself. This is fun, fun, so much of fun for the kind of money for this car. As you can see, it’s only $24,880. You couldn’t even build this car for this.

This is a 1964 El Camino. It was Rotisserie restored. If you looked underneath this car, it looks as nice as the top of the car does. The paint pack is set. I like to do this. I’d like to put this piece of paper like this, and if you zoom in here, you can see that you can almost read pretty much what’s on that script right on the paint. So the paint is excellent on the car. The car has a ZZ4 Crate motor. It’s about 350HP. It’s got about 1,500 kms on the bill.

You can see it sports the original type wheels. Let’s take a walk around the back of it. As you can see, all the chrome, no dings in the bumpers. The car’s in excellent, excellent shape. Like I said, just a great drive for the price point that it’s at.

Now this car is an automatic. It looks like a standard, but it’s an automatic. Just a quick look under the hood here. You can see how well this was done. The owner that built this car spent a ton of time.

It’s got a Griffin style radiator, so it doesn’t heat up in the summer time which is a big thing. There is the ZZ Ford Crate Motor right there. It’s got a great sound. Just a fun drive.

So once again, Keith Bedard. Sherwood Park Dodge Performance Center. 780-953-7906 Talk to you soon.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge

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