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1966 Dodge Charger Fastback | 472 HEMI Crate Motor | Edmonton, AB

Hi, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Dodge Performance Centre.

I’ve been waiting for this car for a while – the 1966 Charger Fastback. We actually have stock numbers for these. It’s P-3684. So if you want to look it up on our website. Also, on our website we used to just have new, used, and fleet. But now we have new, used, fleet, and you’ll see the actual Classic Car Centre.

This car here, I’ve been waiting for it a little bit. This is a cool hot ride. 1966 Charger Fastback. With a 426 Hemi in here. It’s actually a 472 Crate motor that was put in this car. Now this car actually has a 472 Hemi Crate motor in it. Automatic transmission, it’s got the 727. It’s got 354 gears in the back. You can [lighten [inaudible]] these tires up pretty easily. Trust me, I tried it.

Let’s have a look at the interior. The interior in this car is pretty much all original, all stock. Stock steering wheel. Very little– actually it’s got one little tiny hairline crack in it. Other than that it’s in really great shape.

As you can see, the seats are in great shape. Nothing’s been disturbed. The stereo in it is the factory stereo.

Like I said, automatic, with the full console. And I like to laugh and tell my friends that this was the first Dodge Caravan. With the stow-and-go seats. As you can see the back seats are– the back seats fold up and down, and we got a huge area in the back here. I guess, back in the day, they threw picnic stuff or whatever you need to throw in it. But like I said, the interior’s in great shape. Headliner, glass is great on it. And this thing will knock you over on a Friday night, that’s for sure.

Now I want to show you the heart of this piece. This is actually a 472 Crate motor that’s installed in this car. Now this car, not only you just drop the big motor in this car, this motor actually has all that you need in this Sport, underneath this car, because otherwise you will twist the car and that’s the way. This is way up in the 500 horsepower range. Crazy monster to drive. Looks great. Looks period. And it’ll be a lot of fun on a summer night that’s for sure.

Once again, Keith Bedard, 780-953-7906. Come on down. Also I’d like to mention on our videos that we buy old classic cars. If you know somebody that has an old classic car or you got one yourself, it’s kind of 99% done, we got the interior done, everything’s done, it’s not painted yet. Anything like that. We check trades as well. And, now we can finance these cars where we couldn’t before. So, come on down, see me, we’ll have a car for you, we’ll talk old cars. And we’ll see you soon.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge

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