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1966 Ford Thunderbird History and Walk-Around | Sherwood Dodge

Hi, Keith Bedard at the Sherwood Dodge Performance and Classic Car Centre.

Today I got a really neat car I want to show you – a 1966 Ford Thunderbird. Lots of times when we get these cars they come from, let’s face it, all over the world. Sometimes the United States, sometimes– you never know where they come from. And it’s nice to know the history on the car.

This car here is and all the time I’ve been sighting these old cars has probably one of the greatest stories you ever heard. As a matter of fact I have this car in the showroom, and last week a gentleman came here and he was standing, and looking at the car. And I said “You like the looks of this old Thunderbird?” He says, “Yeah, I grew up in this car. This was my father’s car.”

This car was originally bought at Healy Ford in 1966. And it’s only a couple of families who have owned this car. So, that family that owned the car and ordered it kept the car throughout the early 90s, said it went missing for a little while, and they arrive with this other beautiful family from Wellington. And they looked after the car. He was a mechanic, and they looked after the car for the rest of its life. We just got it here a week ago.

Let’s take a look at this car. This car is an amazing time capsule, 1966 Ford Thunderbird. Original air conditioning car. Bought at Healy Ford, Downtown, Edmonton.

And if you have a look at the interior here, this is just incredible. The interior in this car is absolutely all original. It’s got the Swinger Race steering wheel which is kind of a neat feature. You can actually get into the car, and when you start it up, this steering wheel swings back and locks into place.

It’s got the old sequential tail lights that used to flash. It’s got the original ash tray, the original lighter that’s in it. It’s got power locks on the doors. Like I said, air conditioning. All the original lights work in the car. Radio works, It’s a real time capsule. So nice to see something that’s been cared and loved in the family for so, so long.

As you can see, if we go outside, I’d like to take a piece of paper with some of the writing on the car. I’d like to put it up, and you can actually see in the paint, you can almost read what it says on there. It’s quite amazing. The paint was done about 10 years ago. And that’s basically the only thing that was restored on the car.

It even has the original spare from 1966. An old Uniroyal tire buyer’s buy in the trunk. But here’s where the magic is. Look at this, I’m going to open the head for you. Original air conditioning right here. And as you can see it looks like it just came out of the showroom. Real interesting car.

The price is $24,990. You couldn’t even restore this car for that. So give me a call. Once again, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Park Dodge Performance Center. 780-953-7906. Let’s see if we can get this for another 20 or 30 years in somebody’s family. Have a great day.

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Sherwood Dodge

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