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1968 Plymouth GTX | 440 4-Speed | Sherwood Dodge | Edmonton, AB

Hey, Keith Bedard Sherwood Dodge Performance Centre.

We got a really cool one for you today – a 1968 Plymouth GTX. If you want to look it up on our website we’ve got stock numbers now available. It’s actually P-3722.

And I’m going to just help you navigate you through our system here. This is a beautiful 1968, numbers matching Plymouth GTX. Beautiful Burgundy in color. This color is actually a real [IRS23 [inaudible]] GTX car. 440, 4-speed car.

Come on around here, let’s take a quick look at this. The paint, as you can see is beautiful. As you see, we did this in the past, we can actually– if you look down, zoom down here, you can almost read the text in the paper. The paint show is excellent.

Let’s have a quick peek under the hood. Like I said before this is a total numbers matching 440 Super Commando.

If we have a look over here, this is really important, a lot of the cars are missing their VIN tag plates. These are the body trim tags that tell what the interior was, what the original paint was, what engine it came with.

Beautiful carpets in the car. As I said before, 4-speed. The dash is alright, nothing has been changed. Steering wheel is great, with no cracks in it. Original radio in it. There’s one more tiny AM/FM, CD player under here. Just hidden, so if you’d like to have your music.

The seats are beautiful, and beautiful in shape. No rips, no tears. Headliner is fantastic.

Let’s zoom in on the back here. As you can see, in the back, all the original tail panel is here. Dual exhaust, of course. Bumpers are in excellent shape. These cars, these [inaudible] GTXs are getting really hard to come by now. Somebody really loved this car.

This car is actually an original Alberta car. It was registered in Alberta some years ago. We just bought it back again. Once again, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Park Dodge Performance Center. 780-953-7906. Come on down and see this beautiful Burgundy 1968 GTX. See you soon.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge

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