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1970 Cuda | Rotisserie Restored | Edmonton, AB

Good morning, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Park Dodge Performance.

Now the other day I did just a quick little video on my little camera just to tell you that I was going to do this fine beauty. Super excited to have it. This thing is P3744, so if you go on our website you’ll see it there, P3744.

I’m so excited, this is a 1970 Plymouth Cuda, not a Barracuda, an actual BS in the VIN number, this is our real Cuda. The people spent way over $60,000 on the rotisserie. They did a full restoration, not the bolt. Zoom in here real close, all the nuts, all the bolts. The car is incredibly straight, incredibly beautiful, runs well. Come on down here, I’m going to show you.

A lot of the interior that’s in this car, if we can zoom in here, is pretty much original with the exception of the carpet. The 340 Pistol Grip car. Now this car is totally numbers matching.

Underneath of this car, come up on top here, beautiful vinyl top. Look at the paint. Can we zoom in on the paint on this? Can you just get a little bit of the way the paint is on this car? It is unbelievable. Let’s do this, the old reflector test. You can almost read the words that are on that paper there. This paint is beautiful. Usually I rate the paint; this paint on this car is a 9.89, pretty close to being a 10. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Hardly no miles on the car since it’s been restored. The underneath of this car, it was a full rotisserie, so the underneath of this car looks exactly like the top of the car. Absolutely beautiful. A couple of small modifications, put some different valve covers on it, the performance valve covers, the original ones are in the trunk for the car.

We got some headers on the car, and underneath, we got some really cool exhaust on the car with electric cutout, so you just push a button, you can actually adjust the sound that comes out of it. So, real cool.

Once again, look at this beauty. 1970 Cuda, 340 numbers matching, the real deal, it’s real money, but it’s the real deal in Canadian dollars, not US dollars, that’s why these Muscle cars are selling like crazy here. I sold three yesterday alone. People could not believe we’re not selling these in US dollars.

You know the best way to get a hold of me, it’s been so crazy lately with spring coming, call me on my cell number. My cell number is 780-953-7906, or text me, because if you send an email, sure I’ll get to it, but I’m running, I’m the only guy doing this so I’m running around, sometimes I don’t have time to get all my emails. Give me a text, wake me up, and we’ll talk about these beautiful cars.

Once again, thank you very much. Keith Bedard, Sherwood Park Dodge Performance, and this beautiful 1970 Cuda.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge

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