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1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass | Sherwood Dodge | Edmonton, AB

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Hi, Keith Bedard, one of the managers here at Sherwood Park Dodge! Today for me is an exciting day! If you had a top ten list of muscle cars that you’d like to collect in your garage we have one of them for you today! Let’s have a look at this beauty!

This is nugget gold 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 W-30 Big Block standard transmission very, very super rare car. Come on in, I just want to show you a few things.

This car has had about a 50-percent restoration on it so the body and the paint was done, the engine transmission was done and the interior on this car is totally original. It’s got a great patina inside of it. This engine of course sports the 455 Oldsmobile motor and stock configuration, W30 had about 370 horsepower about 500 foot pounds of torque so they said! This one of course has been all redone. It’s estimated at about 440 horsepower and probably about 4 or 500, probably 535 foot-pounds of torque. I drove it myself once again as you saw in the video last week on the 64, I like to drive all the cars to get a good feel for them to see if something works, if something doesn’t work. This car is, I mean it sells itself. Anybody that knows about these cars is going to love it.

Let’s have a look around this side before we go into the interior. Now the paint on this once again was redone several years ago. If I have to score it, this job will be above 92 out of 100. Original glass, all the original chrome, and stainless. The bumpers of course were re-chromed, had a little bit of pitting.

The thing that’s really exciting about this car is the interior. The interior is totally original and if you come down and see it in person will see the patina on it, it’s got the original radio, hasn’t been tampered with. All the original carpet, a lot of these cars have a lot of things replaced in them over the years, so other than paint and a bit of bodywork and the power plant getting redone nothing has been redone on the inside of the car.

First 4 speed which is great. The stock Oldsmobile wheels of course and we work our way around the back, it’s got the beautiful 442 emblems, the wing, 442 trumpet exhaust on the bottom, which was something exclusive to this car.

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Like I said these cars you do not see everyday, I’m so excited to have this car, I’d jump up and down but I wish I had the money to buy it myself personally, but come and see me Keith Bedard or give me a call on my cell phone at 780 953 7906! Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you!

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