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1970 Plymouth Roadrunner | 440 Airgrabber | Edmonton, AB

Hey, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Park Dodge with another sweetheart of a car that I got right here.

We just talked about the beautiful Cuda, this here is stock number, for this 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner, is P3720. So if you go on our website, you’ll see it on our website, P3720.

Now let’s talk about this. I actually got this off a really nice gentleman who got through three-quarters of 99% of the restoration on the car. Unfortunately, he got a little bit ill. We picked up the car. This car is amazing. It is a real Roadrunner, real pistol grip car. It’s an actual B7 car instead of a B5 car, but very very close, so original blue car.

This car originally had a 383 in it, but it’s got a 440, with a six-pack. Let me show you this thing. This thing is absolutely gorgeous. So, yeah, we got the Mopar performance stuff on, a little bit, but not without overdoing it. I don’t like cars that are really overdone. If you’re getting the hot rod, you’re getting a hot rod.

Most of our stuff looks pretty stock. Have a look at this. Fully functional vacuum air grabber, so 440 six-pack with the air grabber, with the pistol grip, with the Dayna. It’s a serious car, beautiful car.

Come on over here. This interior is brand spanking new in this car. The only thing that is missing is the original radio. I have an old vintage radio for the car, if you want to put it in, that’s your thing. This steering wheel, as you can see is absolutely — it was over $1,000 just to replace the steering wheel. Unfortunately, the original steering wheel was missing, but we got a beautiful, beautiful reproduction. It was $1000 just for the steering wheel.

This car shows beautiful, it drives beautiful, it was tuned by a very good friend of mine who has been in the hot rod business for years and years. This car is turnkey, and ready to go.

Okay, here we go. I just wanted to show you one quick glance of the trunk here. If you look at the floors and stuff in this car, it’s really, really super clean. It’s got the old original spare in it. It’s done really, really well. Even the sticker in here is super, super, super old. This is not a repo, this one has been in here for years and years.

Just look at the paint of this car. I like to do this little test, I saw this on another video that a guy did out of the streets. I really liked the idea. If you can see right here you can actually see the writing. This paint is amazing. That Cuda is amazing, and this paint is amazing.

Now these cars were just getting into our timeline right now, we were trying to stock up, get all the cars ready for the end of this month. Well I’m telling you, yesterday I sold three muscle cars alone. People are amazed at the price of these cars. We’re doing them all in Canadian funds, no fancy-like fees and all that kind of stuff. All it is, is the price of the car, GST that’s it. This car is amazing. Beautiful 440 six-pack Road Runner.

What I’d like you to do to contact me is, sometimes you send me emails or leads, well what happens with those is sometimes I’m so super busy, I’m doing all of this stuff myself. I look after getting them all tuned up, I looked after getting the showroom, doing all the stuff of the cars, I’m super, super busy, but I really want to talk to you, so give me a call on my cell number instead of email because sometimes I don’t get back to the email until later even sometimes half, or even the next day, I’m so busy.

My number is 780-953-7906. You can text me, or call me. I’ve got my cell phone right here, I’ll make sure that I pick it up for you, but once again, look at that beauty. Come on down, see us, and we’ll make sure you get into this for summer.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge

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