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2011 GMC Terrain | Sherwood Dodge | Edmonton, AB

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Hi and welcome, my name is Brad McDonald, I am the Corporate Sales Manager here at Sherwood Park Dodge, I would like to show you a 2011 GMC Terrain, come on I will show you a little about this vehicle. This is 4 wheel drive, a 2.4 Eco Tech with 270 Horsepower, it gives you 35-36 miles per gallon at highway speed, you got performance, you got auto drive, you got reliability, and you got safety features. I am going to show you a little bit more about this vehicle come on.

Inside here we got an 8-way power driver seat, we got a CD player, this unit only has 61,000 kilometers. The nice thing about the DMC factory warranty it’s 5 years or a 160,000 KM on your powertrain of your engine transmission of all your major components. You’ve got heated seats, CD player, cruise control; it’s got the Pioneer sound system, under the hood here I will show you a little bit about the 2.4 engine. It’s got sleek designs, nice alloy wheels. Underneath we got the Eco Tech engine like I said it’s a 2.4 litre, 270 Horsepower of this engine you want performance and it’s awesome!!!

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A little bit over here nice alloy wheels, you’ve got the nice sunscreen to keep the sun off the little guys in the back, or the big heavy weight guys that sweat a little like myself, come on here. Lot’s of legroom and headroom in the back, I’m 6’1 as you can see there’s a legroom and headroom.  If you got the big guy at the back, the back seat of the vehicle you’ve got lots or cargo space as well. Just flick the bottom up here, oh look you can see the backup camera if your wife doesn’t back up at you. I am just kidding!

Anyways in the back you’ve got lots of cargo space, legroom and headroom, if the seats are pulled down as well they give you a lot more cargo space in case you and the hubby are going for a romantic drive somewhere or something. This is the 2011 GMC Terrain SLE 4-wheel drive it’s only got 61,000 kilometers. The nice thing with all the vehicles here is we do a 160-point inspection, we do a Carfacts report, all the vehicles come with a Carfacts report so you can have peace of mind that it has not been in a serious accident, we’ll stand behind it 110%.  Other than that I like to invite you down here at Sherwood Park Dodge. This is one of the 150 vehicles that we have in stock, its only has 61,000KM and its reduced down to $20,988, and we’ll see if we get any wiggle room we’ll kick em’ in the shins, whatever we can do.

Thank you so much.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge

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