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2014 Chrysler 300C | Sherwood Dodge | Edmonton, AB

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Hi, there welcome my name is Brad McDonald, I am the Corporate Sales Manager here at Sherwood Park Dodge. I want to show you this 2014 Chrysler 300C. Stock number 4C35238; this thing is a $49,000 car, new MSRP. We had transferred it from new cars to used cars it got about 800 kilometres on it yes! 800 kilometers this car is advertised for $35,800 that is like $14,000 discount. Come on I want to show you this car.

This car has every option imaginable. It is like your new 747 car like an airplane, it has heated seats, air conditioning, navigati on, you name it, and it’s got it. Come on and let me show you a little bit about this car.

It’s got a nice plush leather interior, taller cockpit it’s got the telescopic steering as well, navigation; it’s got the 8.4” screen so you can see what you’re doing, even a backup camera. If you want to back something up and you don’t want to hit, the curb and what not you can see everything with that.

Under the hood of this powerful machine it has 300 Horsepower there you can get yourself 36-37 miles per gallon on the highway speed, did I tell you it’s $35,800 that’s crazy! So it still has the factory warranty it’s got 3 years 60 bumper to bumper warranty, 5 years under 100 of the powertrain which is consisting of your engine and all your major components underneath. Now this is an automobile, 300 horsepower, 3.6 Pentastar engine with a variable timing, what else can I show you?

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It’s got aerodynamics on the front, your fog lights, even the front parking sensors for the wife or for the husband that can’t drive very well, so you can see where you are going up close and personal. You’ve got the 20” alloy wheels with a nice sleek design in it, the trunk space in these are huge; also a command start to keep your butt warm in the winter time come on in I will show you the trunk.

In the back seat of the car, I am 6’1; look at the legroom and headroom in this bad boy.  Kind of like a police car with a little more room. Leather interior nice and plush, now let me show you in the trunk here, push it twice it opens it up. It even has the Boss and Acoustic speakers, so if you want that music while you are driving or whatever you want to do, and it has even got room for a big guy like me… but we won’t get in no.

I would like to introduce you to the 2014 Chrysler 300C edition. It’s got everything; dual exhaust, it’s got everything you can imagine in a car for a price of $35,800 minus from $49,000 new, that is huge savings I’m not very good at math but that’s like 14 grand off.

Anyways come down, see me at Sherwood Park Dodge my name is Brad McDonald, come drive this bad boy 800 kilometres not even a thousand.

Anyways thank you for the time, take care, byebye.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge



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