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2015 Chrysler 300 | S Trim | Sherwood Park, AB

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Hi, welcome! My name’s Brad MacDonald. I’m the Corporate Sales Manager here at Sherwood Park Dodge. I would like to introduce you to 2015 Chrysler 300. This is an S model which means it’s an all wheel drive and it’s got leather interior. Under the hood got 300 horsepower fuel-efficient raw horsepower. Nice alloy wheels with it.

On the front of the vehicle, it’s a sleek design, its called one colour and it’s got the honeycomb black grille as well and come on this side, I want to show you a little bit on this side!

As you can see it’s got the nice, sleek aerodynamic seats and inside the vehicle here, this is where it really gets exciting. It’s got leather interior, it’s an 8 speed automatic transmission, it’s got heated seats, navigation, sunroof, it’s got every option imaginable.

This vehicle is over $50,000 dollars new. We have it advertised for $37,995. It’s got the Boston acoustic sound system in it, it’s got every option imaginable. I’m 6’1, lots of legroom, headroom in the rear of the vehicle. So if you’ve got big guys, big kids that are always growing, lots of room in the back. It’s got the USB cord as well you can plug in. Lots of room for comfort.

Also on the back of the vehicle. Lots of trunk space, as you can see it’s got the backup camera so when you’re backing up, you don’t back into anything.


View Photos and Pricing ButtonFinance This Vehicle

Like I said, it is the S model and all-wheel-drive so in our weather conditions here in Alberta, you can kinda go anywhere you want to go. What else can I tell you a little bit about. Sleek dual exhaust idea, 20-inch rims. This car is a heck of a deal for you!

Like I said, welcome thank you for your time. Brad MacDonald – 951 1657 Thank you so much!

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