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2017 Dodge Grand Caravan GT | Power Sliding Doors | Edmonton, AB

Alright, so everyone, Adam Paul at Sherwood Dodge. We’re just in the dealership right now. We’re going to walk here outside, and take a look at the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan GT.

So you think Grand Caravan, you think of a van, a minivan. This is a step up with the GT model. It’s actually a beautiful vehicle just over here. We’re going to take a walk over and let you know about this vehicle. Power sliding doors in the palm of your hand. So you got your hands full of groceries, you can actually pop the doors open. Take a look. Just by the push of a button.

This comes with a remote start, and all your power options as well. I like the style of the gate with the Caravan. I’m showing you the option of the Stow ‘n Go. So come around this side, please. Take a look; it’s nice and easy. You have your storage right down there if you don’t want to tuck the seat away, but just by the pull of the lever, the seat tucks straight away, right in there. All the seats will do the same, tuck right away, so you have almost like a truck there in the back of your van. Great for going to the hardware store, or wherever else.

Some of the other features in this van; DVD to keep the kids nice and quiet in the back, with headsets, so you don’t have to listen to what they are listening to. You can actually hook up right here as well. And you got video game consoles if they’re into gaming.

Just by the touch of a button, we can close the doors as well. Perfect.

I’m going to hop in the vehicle now. Power seats, both the driver and the passenger. So along with having it on the key fob, all your controls are set here for the doors and the tail gate. You can lock that also, so the kids aren’t able to push the button, and open the doors.

I’m going to fire up the engine here. This is a 3.6 liter, best in class towing. This has the tow hitch on it as well as the rear sensors. Best in class towing 3600 pounds.

I’ll show you here the touch screen, which is very easy to navigate. Speaking of navigating, it has a navigation built in as well. With the GT models you have 9 speakers as well as a sub-woofer, so, like I said, it’s a little bit step up out of that minivan, or what you think a minivan is.

All your controls here, for your Cruise Control, as well as your telephone right at the wheel. You have control to adjust your volume to the music, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, as well as adjust to what station you’d like as well.

I’m going to pop on my seat belt; I’m safety first. I’m just going to take us for a little drive.

If you’re a car flip behind the wheel, very comfortable drive with the leather seats, both heated, sorry, with heated seats and heated steering wheel. When you remote start that, the heated steering wheel and heated seat will actually kick in, so on those cold winter days, you’ll be getting into a nice warm vehicle.
It’s got a great feel behind the wheel.

With the GT model, it has performance suspension as well. So if you’re towing, or if you’re just driving around town, it’s going to give you the best feel.

I’m going to park the vehicle here, and just show you the back as well. I’ll talk about some of the features as regards to towing. Powered lift gate as well on the back, so just by the push of a button, lifts it up, so you got your kids with you, and everything else, you don’t have to keep grappling with the door handles, you can just do it by the push of a button.

You look here, the sensors, so the backup sensors are there, it does have the backup camera, as well as the hitch. Super handy if you want to tow some ATVs, bikes, etc.

This is the subwoofer here, like I said, with the 9-speakers built in.

It’s just a beautiful vehicle. It’s a little bit step up from what you think a minivan is.

So coming standard with the vehicle, the GT, is the 17″ rims, as you can see here, nice classy style look to them. Tinted windows automatically come with this vehicle.

A nice feature that I like about the GT specifically is actually the black code on the grille as well as on the headlights.

Again, Adam Paul at Sherwood Park Dodge. Give me a call, 780-206-5876. Look forward to hearing from you.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge

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