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2017 Dodge Journey GT | Fiery Red | Great Cargo Space | Edmonton, AB

Good morning, Mark Maguire here again.

This is the ultimate family vehicle. Today, I’m going to be showing you a 2017 Dodge Journey GT. This is in a really beautiful fiery red colour. Stock number 7JN0067. Come on, let’s go for a drive.

I really love something about this car. The amount of storage we put in the front, the wet storage, in-floor storage in the back, 7-passenger, you can carry tons of cargo in these. By the way, if you are a cross-border shopper, look at this. Hey, come on, let’s go for a ride.

This vehicle is fully loaded. We got heated seats, we’ve got a heated steering wheel, we got a nice sunroof, we’ve got a DVD entertainment system for the kids in the back. One of the neat things with these vehicles is the electronics. We have incorporated Bluetooth audio streaming, Bluetooth media streaming, so you can stream into the DVD players. We have USB hookups for gaming, all those things. So you’ll never get bored on a trip.

In this vehicle here we’re going to have integrated Nav system that will integrate completely with your telephone, so if you’re looking for a restaurant, you want to call, a little integrated way through the Bluetooth, it will use your cell time. It’s also got a remote starter. It’s got AM/FM, Satellite radio. And the sound system that we put in these vehicles is totally off the chain. Really neat.

Again, all of our vehicles, if you want to be able to operate everything from the steering wheel, mark, or set up, or some iTunes, it’s all available right through favourites.

Okay, this one will bring you back. Hang on Mark, that is your favourite song. You’ll also see in here that I have access to a trip odometer, which will give me instantaneous fuel economy reading, distance travel, those type of things. I’ve also got fuel economy page. I’ve got tire pressure monitoring page, which will bring up the tire pressure in each of the tires.

I’ve also got a page on my vehicle information, so in here, I can have a look at my coolant temperature, my oil temp, my oil pressure, transmission temperature, and also the engine hours. It’s got automatic headlights, tilt and telescopic steering. This is a comfortable vehicle.

We’re running a 3.6 litre Pentastar engine under the hood. This thing’s got some jam. This is my favourite part for showing these vehicles. It’s how they actually drive.

I’m going to show you a little bit more about the cargo compartments when I come back, but let’s put another one of Scott’s vehicles through a speed test today. He’s out of the office.

This is a fast vehicle, believe it or not. A lot of families, when they go out looking at vehicles are always thinking that minivans and crossovers for mama are not very sporty, but check this out.

Up to a 100 just like that. Let me take it down in here now and we’re going to do a high-speed turn, not really a high-speed turn, a little bit of a vigorous turn to show you the handling of this vehicle. It’s going to run 4-wheel ABS braking, electronic stability control. Look at this thing. Wow! And it shifts so smoothly. You need to come down and get behind the wheel of one of these things. I’m telling you now until you taste it you don’t know what it tastes like. Until you drive it, you don’t know what it drives like. This is a great vehicle.

We’re going to pull inside. I’m just going to show you a little bit about our storage compartments. Let’s have a look at some storage. So in the back here, this is a 7-passenger. You’re going to notice the dual pipes coming off the back, that is so cool. Down and under here we’ve got some storage, and then access to all your tools and stuff down and under here.

Then the back seats, things are so easy, these just flip and fold. These things pop away, and out of sight. Access to the back row, so cool, the way they designed this. One handle operation, all you do is you just grab this handle up here, pop it, it lifts it up, this slides forward, you walk right into the back seat.

Another thing, if you’re crossing the border, if you’re a cross-border shopper, check this out. We’ve got storage on both sides, and those trays are removable and you can clean them. Really cool vehicle. Being a Mom is not like it used to be. I remember the station wagons when I was growing up. This is one cool car.

Hey, why don’t you drop down and see me? Take one for a drive for yourself and check out the quality, and the comfort, and the performance.

My name is Mark Maguire. Sherwood Dodge. You can reach me at 780-708-4353. Have a great day.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge

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