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2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk | Full Panel Sunroof | Edmonton, AB

Good morning, this is Mark Maguire at Sherwood Dodge. Priced Right, Right Up Front.

I got something really neat to show you today. It’s new this year in 2017. It’s a 2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk. I think you’re going to like this one.

If you look at the front of the vehicle here, it’s a nice blue I’ve picked up today to drive. We’ve got these recovery hooks right here. This is for taking people out of the ditch, people that we’re saving, we’re going to run a full skid plate on this vehicle so that if you are off-roading, you bounce off any rocks, or hit any debris, you’re fully covered. Safety on the vehicle as well is going to be a little backup camera. We’ve got a tow hook on the rear here as well for towing.

This one happens to have a nice power lift gate. They’ve come a long way with the equipment on these. These seats will fold down in the back. We’ve got full sized spare under here as well, with some nice off-road mat so that you don’t get the carpets dirty.

I’m just going to go around, open the door. I want you to have a look in here at the space if you’ve got a big dog at home. My dog, Murphy would love this vehicle. I could put one side down so he can lie here, and I could have somebody sit in the back, or we could put both sides down.

This also has a full panel sunroof involved this year for 2017. This wasn’t available before, so lots of creature comforts going on in here. Under the hood, we’re still running that famous 2.4 liter, great on fuel, exceptional on power and reliability.

I’m going to just close the trunk down here, and we’ll take this thing for a little ride to see how fun it is. As you can see here, one of the neat things is this new proximity entry system. I can’t lock the keys inside. Those were the keys of the old times. This is going to have a push-button start. I’ll just open this panel roof. I think this is a cool system here. I like this. Great for the hair, let the sunshine in. Close in here. Here we go, cool.

I have the vehicle started. Some things you’re going to notice in here. As far as the electronics goes in integrating Siri and Bluetooth and stuff like this, there’s nothing better in the industry right now that compares with what we’re offering. All very easy to use, all menu driven. The media systems are off the chain, you’ve got full integration with multiple devices, on Bluetooth. Audio streaming, we have AM/FM, and Satellite. We’ve also got an interactive, unique system in here which is going to give you complete access to what’s going on with the vehicle. Distance to empty, direction, temperature, your tire pressures, when do I need to change my oil, your training temperature, all that data is at your fingertips.

We’ve got tilt and telescopic situation here. It’s all about the ergonomics in these vehicles. Auto-dimming mirrors. We’ve also got this new Stop/Start button here. It’s about fuel efficiency. You might be in traffic and you bring the vehicle to a stop, the engine is going to shut off temporarily, it does not re-engage the engine by using the starter. It’s kind of like a golf cart, the engine shuts off, you save fuel. When you’re ready to go, take your foot off the gas or off the brake and press the gas, and away you go.

We’ve also got a 4-wheel lock system. This vehicle is for the money. Actually, trailer rated. Pretty nice vehicle.

I’m going to put my seat belt on and let’s go speeding in front of Scott’s dealership again. Nice and smooth, visibility is fantastic in these vehicles, and very smooth to drive, like very smooth. So we’re going to put this thing through its test or its paces out here.

Here we go. Hang on tight. Wow! Up to a 100 just like that. That’s impressive. I’m going to use my auto stick for this. We’re going to gear down. As you can see I’m not using any brakes here, and I’m saving myself on some future repair bills, holding them off for the future. There we go, and into the dealership we go, without using the brakes.

Thanks for tuning in today. Don’t forget, we’re priced right, right up front, every time.

The stock number that I drove today if you’re interested in it, is 7CO6611. Come on down. I’ll make you a great deal. 780-708-4353. Mark Maguire.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge

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