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BDS Lift Kits | Customize Your Vehicle

BDS Lift Kits | Get a Lift for Your Ride

A lift kit does more than make your vehicle look good. It allows you to install bigger tires for a smoother ride over rough terrain. BDS lift kits are the best in the market with a warranty to back them.

Never worry about your vehicle’s suspension system when you use high-quality parts like BDS lift kits. They are designed to work with specific models like the Jeep Cherokee or the Ram one-ton pickup. These kits come in a range of sizes including: 4, 6, and 8-inch lifts. They are designed specifically for your vehicle, and work with the suspension system for a smoother ride without damage.

On-road equipment doesn’t work for off-roading. You need something strong, capable and built for the unique challenges that go with taking the path less traveled. BDS lift kits add height to your vehicle which translates into improved off-road capabilities as well as unique styling not seen on factory models. These kits come with everything you need to add the extra dimension to the vehicle.

Check out the selection of custom trucks and SUVs at Sherwood Dodge. You can also order a new Dodge, Ram or Jeep vehicle with the appropriate lift kit installed before you pick it up. Priced right, right upfront, you know you are getting a good deal from Sherwood Dodge.

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