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Car FinancingThe dedicated Finance Department at Sherwood Dodge is committed get customers the car financing they need at the best terms and rates possible. Our upfront approach to car loan financing ensures that you are advised and informed about what is available for your situation in an open and honest manner.Buying a car can be an intimidating and stressful process, especially when it comes to car financing. The Sherwood Dodge finance team offers no-charge consultations with a transparent and informative financing process. Even if we don’t end up getting your business, we feel we offer valuable advice in regards to your own credit situation and important information about car financing.

Sherwood Dodge intends on retaining all customers for the long-term. Our Finance Department is a big part of how we offer a great car purchasing experience. Sherwood Dodge’s knowledge and dedication when it comes to car financing is second to none. We handle every type of credit situation with same upfront honesty so you can be sure your are getting right deal with the best possible terms!

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