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Auto Loan Services

No Money Down | Sherwood Dodge

No Money DownAt Sherwood Dodge, financing is not a dirty word. We offer $0 down financing options on select new models for qualified customers. We also offer 0% purchase financing or leasing on select new models. It is important to note that when opting for $0 down financing, it generally dictates that your loan balance will be larger in some way or form. If you qualify for $0 down financing, it is important to know what consequences are attached in terms of payment and term, relative to money down financing options.

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Vehicle Repossession

Vehicle Repossession

Secure credit agreements such as vehicles give the creditor legal right to seize your vehicle as security, and may sue you  for any money left owing, interest, or costs if the security does not cover your outstanding debt. [continue reading…]

Divorce and Car Loans


In every divorce situation, the time comes to decide who gets what debt. Car loans are very common instance of joint-debt when dealing with a divorce. Divorce agreements may state who is responsible for the car loan or a portion of it. However, that is an agreement about who is supposed to pay exclusive to the creditor. In reality, whoever is supposed to pay as per the divorce agreement must actually do so to avoid credit complications for both parties involved. [continue reading…]

What Constitutes Good Credit?


Having good credit can go a long way in securing the loan or rate you want when purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle. It is important to know about what constitutes good credit, and how to build towards establishing and maintaining it. [continue reading…]

Applying For A Car Loan With No Credit

Car Loans and Credit Building | Applying For A Car Loan With No Credit


Over the course of your life, you will acquire a credit score rating, determining your reliability in paying back money or credit you have borrowed. When you have no credit, due to being new to the market, or due to a recent bankruptcy, it can be difficult to know where to start in building your credit. Through an approval of a car loan, you are able to build your credit from the basis of none, as car dealerships are able to invest in you at a low risk. [continue reading…]

Applying For A Car Loan After Bankruptcy


If you are on the road to recovery after having declared bankruptcy, you can improve your credit by applying for a car loan. Getting a car loan is one of the best ways to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy, dealerships make the process easy, even for those who may not have good credit to back them up. Through the process of applying for a car loan you are able to improve your initial credit, choose the right vehicle, and secure a down payment as you partner with a dealership to get you back on the right track. [continue reading…]

Applying For A Car Loan With Bad Credit

Sherwood Dodge

If you are embarking on the journey to improve a bad credit score, and are in need of a new vehicle, you may just be in luck. Acquiring a car loan is actually quite possible when you have bad credit.. There are many way to present yourself to a dealership, which will increase your chances of approval. Lenders are often able to offer car loans at a low risk, enabling you to get back on your feet and improve your credit score. [continue reading…]