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Financing Your Crossover


2017 Dodge Journey featured above.

Rely on the Sherwood Dodge Finance Department to help you get the Crossover Financing you need. We’ll look at your information to help you get the best rate, so you can focus on selecting the right Crossover for your needs. We provide a transparent approach in regards to what you qualify for with your specific situation.

Seeking financing for a new or pre-owned Crossover can be frightening, especially if you are not sure what you qualify for. The finance team provides a free consultation to go over the specifics of your financing so you know where you stand. Even if you decide not to purchase a crossover with Sherwood Dodge or you choose to wait, we help you assess your finances so you can make a sound decision and improve your credit.

Sherwood Dodge wants you to feel comfortable about purchasing a vehicle from us. Our Finance Department strives to provide you with straightforward answers and information to help you for the long-term. We work with all credit histories and finance situations to make buying a car less stressful and more enjoyable. Trust Sherwood Dodge to give you the necessary information upfront for the best deal.

Financing Team
Sherwood Dodge

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