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How to Get a Car Loan in Edmonton

How to Get a Car Loan in Edmonton

People often worry about getting approved for a car loan if they have had credit problems in the past. The truth is that bad things happen to good people, and as many as 30% of Canadians will have trouble when purchasing a vehicle. A few past issues doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for a loan.

Sherwood Dodge works with you to help you get financing. There is no short cut to credit repair, but you can work to get approved. Be careful of any ads that promise to repair your credit quickly or the dealerships that tell you everyone gets approved.

Many dealers approve only the ‘easy’ credit applications. They don’t want to do the work necessary to help the more challenging customers get approved. While Sherwood Dodge won’t promise that everyone will get approved, we do work to find the best option for you. Don’t go to a bunch of places trying to get approved or you will become labeled as a credit seeker. When someone has been turned down several times, it makes other lenders look harder at the application. Instead, pick one or two dealerships to work with and let them help you work on getting approved for financing.

Sherwood Dodge is willing to work with you because we know that short-term problems won’t last. We want to find customers who will continue to buy their vehicles from us. Priced right, right upfront, we have a large selection of vehicles and a dedicated finance team to help you get your next car.

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