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No Money DownAt Sherwood Dodge, financing is not a dirty word. We offer $0 down financing options on select new models for qualified customers. We also offer 0% purchase financing or leasing on select new models. It is important to note that when opting for $0 down financing, it generally dictates that your loan balance will be larger in some way or form. If you qualify for $0 down financing, it is important to know what consequences are attached in terms of payment and term, relative to money down financing options.

No money down financing is enticing by virtue, saving cash up front. However many such deals come attached with higher interest rates and higher loan balances. Listening and understanding to everyone’s unique credit situation is something we take pride in at Sherwood Dodge. We don’t make outrageous guarantees or promises when it comes to financing, but we do offer a commitment to every customer that we will be honest and open in our genuine efforts to get you the right deal at the best possible terms.

The Sherwood Dodge finance team works hard to ensure that finance is not a dirty word. We offer no-charge consultations that offer valuable advice and information, even if we cannot earn your business at that time. Contact or visit Sherwood Dodge – Priced Right, Right Up Front, and learn about our financing or leasing options!

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