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Car Loans

Divorce and Car Loans


In every divorce situation, the time comes to decide who gets what debt. Car loans are very common instance of joint-debt when dealing with a divorce. Divorce agreements may state who is responsible for the car loan or a portion of it. However, that is an agreement about who is supposed to pay exclusive to the creditor. In reality, whoever is supposed to pay as per the divorce agreement must actually do so to avoid credit complications for both parties involved. [continue reading…]


Financing Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word

When you go somewhere to get financed, walking into the finance office may make you feel uncomfortable; your credit history is a very personal subject. At Sherwood Dodge, we are understanding of everyone’s situation and work make the process comfortable and painless. We work with you no matter what your previous credit history is like, without judgement.

The finance team at Sherwood Dodge has years of experience helping people get approved for a car loan. We love to finance anyone, and we will take the extra time to ensure that customers get the best rates. We know that it can be scary to come in and sit across the desk from us, so we make it as easy as possible. We let you know what your options are, so you can make the right decision on your vehicle purchase. [continue reading…]