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Keith Bedard

Good morning, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Park Dodge Performance.

Now the other day I did just a quick little video on my little camera just to tell you that I was going to do this fine beauty. Super excited to have it. This thing is P3744, so if you go on our website you’ll see it there, P3744.

I’m so excited, this is a 1970 Plymouth Cuda, not a Barracuda, an actual BS in the VIN number, this is our real Cuda. The people spent way over $60,000 on the rotisserie. They did a full restoration, not the bolt. Zoom in here real close, all the nuts, all the bolts. The car is incredibly straight, incredibly beautiful, runs well. Come on down here, I’m going to show you. [continue reading…]


Hey, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Park Dodge with another sweetheart of a car that I got right here.

We just talked about the beautiful Cuda, this here is stock number, for this 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner, is P3720. So if you go on our website, you’ll see it on our website, P3720.

Now let’s talk about this. I actually got this off a really nice gentleman who got through three-quarters of 99% of the restoration on the car. Unfortunately, he got a little bit ill. We picked up the car. This car is amazing. It is a real Roadrunner, real pistol grip car. It’s an actual B7 car instead of a B5 car, but very very close, so original blue car. [continue reading…]


Hi, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Dodge Performance Centre.

I’ve been waiting for this car for a while – the 1966 Charger Fastback. We actually have stock numbers for these. It’s P-3684. So if you want to look it up on our website. Also, on our website we used to just have new, used, and fleet. But now we have new, used, fleet, and you’ll see the actual Classic Car Centre. [continue reading…]


Hey, Keith Bedard Sherwood Dodge Performance Centre.

We got a really cool one for you today – a 1968 Plymouth GTX. If you want to look it up on our website we’ve got stock numbers now available. It’s actually P-3722. [continue reading…]


Hi, Keith Bedard at Sherwood DodgeThis month we’ve got something special from now until the 16th of January 2017. We have a true 15 to 30% OFF on all the remaining 2016 vehicles. [continue reading…]


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Sherwood Dodge showcases the 2016 Ram 1500 SLT Hellcat Tribute Edition. Exclusive features and style are prominently exhibited throughout this truck. Hellcat badging and themes are evident throughout even though this is not an official Hellcat, rather it is custom built Tribute Edition with all the bells and whistles. [continue reading…]