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Sherwood Park Alberta

Having a birthday, anniversary or any kind of special occasion? Buying the wife or husband something new here at the dealership?

We like to make every special occasion special for you! Let us take care of all the preparation. We don’t just sell cars, we sell a great experience.

Come see Rod Stafford and see how he can help make your next special occasion even better. Give him a call at (780) 668-8948 or here at the dealership at (780) 410-4100

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Sherwood Dodge


Hey, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Park Dodge with another sweetheart of a car that I got right here.

We just talked about the beautiful Cuda, this here is stock number, for this 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner, is P3720. So if you go on our website, you’ll see it on our website, P3720.

Now let’s talk about this. I actually got this off a really nice gentleman who got through three-quarters of 99% of the restoration on the car. Unfortunately, he got a little bit ill. We picked up the car. This car is amazing. It is a real Roadrunner, real pistol grip car. It’s an actual B7 car instead of a B5 car, but very very close, so original blue car. [continue reading…]