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When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Car?

Best Time to Buy a New Car | Sherwood Dodge

People constantly ask when this the best time to buy a new car. It’s an important decision and you want to make sure you are getting the best and lowest price. There are many varied opinions about the best time to buy. Some people say the end of the year and others state that end of the month. Another opinion states you should wait for factory incentives to kick in. It really is hard to make a choice. It’s hard to separate fact from fiction. So here a quick guide to buying a new car.

  •    Incentives that have an expiration date will give you a great deal. You just have to get to the dealership in time.
  •     If a car does not sale by the end of the deal time, it’s worth less, not more.
  •   Car companies will often use incentives during an economic or publicity crisis. You can get unexpected deals and perks during these times.
  •     Incentive and end of the year/month deals don’t always follow the same rules.

So, when is the best time to buy a new car? The answer is, whenever you need a car. There is no perfect time to buy. You have to make a decision based on your own personal finances and needs. If you feel like it’s not a good time for you to buy a car, then come speak to us here at Sherwood Dodge and we can let you know why or why not. Assess your situation, and come see us and know all the facts about new car buying.

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